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Looking for your ” Dream Lake Home or Property” ?

If you like most have already had it with this Winter Weather in Georgia and South Carolina, and are looking forward to summer we have a solution. Attending the boat show in Atlanta or Greenville, looking at a water craft and wondering where you will put it come summer? Call us we can help you find your Dream Property on Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee. We are licensed in Georgia and South Carolina and have an extensive knowledge of the lakes and the rules and regulations, call us for all your Real Estate needs.

Lakefront Home for Sale – Foxwood Hills Resort

Who’s Checking your Credit?

Adapt or die: Agent market share shifting to ‘experts’ in 2018

Adapt or die: Agent market share shifting to ‘experts’ in 2018

Agents prep for survival using content, tech, farming and brains

We all know the enormous value traditional real estate agents bring to a transaction. They will never be replaced by bots or discount services, but consumers can easily be romanced by what appear to be lower-cost alternatives.

That’s why it’s more critical than ever for quality agents to communicate their value – aggressively, frequently and strategically. Many agents know this, but face new and complicated marketing channels. It’s difficult to create a content marketing strategy, and even tougher to deploy.

The early adopters will come out ahead in 2018, and are already preparing by hiring providers and purchasing software to help them in these four critical areas: strategy, digital tools, farming, and content. As markets age and consumers increasingly favor expert advisors over sales agents, they will win.

The four essentials real estate agent need to address to see success in 2018 are:

  • Strategy: Your strategic plan must be technical and complex because the digital tools — working in tandem with traditional media — require a sophisticated methodology for reaching new and past clients. If your service or provider’s strategy doesn’t encompass content, market analysis, tracking and a firm, diligently maintained schedule for consistent delivery, find a new partner.
  • Digital tools: Today, the three undisputed digital marketing essentials for agents are blogging, social media and email. An agent’s blog should function as a “hub”; it’s where consumers discover agents’ custom digital content. Once posted, social media and email are the best digital channels for disseminating a blog’s content. To expand reach across these channels, incorporate lead scoring, routine referral campaigns, lead nurture material, enticing lead-capture forms and web cookies.
  • Farming: The most powerful and comprehensive way to farm is still through direct mail. Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) most recent survey shows that direct mail is seven times more effective than all digital channels combined. In 2016, marketers reported an ROI of 27 percent from standard direct mail, while agents mailing custom newspapers report ROIs of 400 percent and higher, the DMA report showed. Why so effective? Mail — including marketing mail — can be easily targeted to an entire neighborhood, not just subsets, and gets an 80 percent “open” rate, according to DMA.
  • Content: Content is marketing’s sine qua non, literally “that without which there is nothing.” To survive, your content must shift to what matters most to your prospects. Today, custom, “hyperlocal” content is the key. It’s used by the nation’s most successful and best agents to dominate their markets. Content builds relationships and improves SEO. Google’s algorithms have moved from keywords and backlinks to relevance — and quality content often registers as extremely relevant.

It’s time to adapt … or die

Content and channel integration is the critical component for making it all work. Choose a system that blends technology and strategy with content and agency-like campaign management. There is a real opportunity for agents to seize market share from the hundreds of thousands of agents who cannot or will not commit to an integrated, multi-channel content strategy. If you don’t take the road less travelled, your business will die. Not today or tomorrow, but eventually.

3 Big Things Home Buyers Are Looking For In Their New Home

3 Big Things Home Buyers Are Looking For In Their New Home


3 Big Things Home Buyers Are Looking For In Their New Home

As a seller, you have a lot more control in pleasing buyers than you think. If you start the selling process by learning what buyers really want, you can prepare your home to come as close to their dreams as possible.

Here are the five biggest turn-ons for homebuyers and what you can do to please buyers.

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your home should sell to the buyer from the curb. That’s how important curb appeal is. Your buyer should be so impressed, so charmed, so delighted that they want to leap out of the car and run inside.

How do you create curb appeal? Show attention to detail. Your home has to be prettier, cleaner and in better condition than its neighbors.

Start with sweeping the drive, walkway, and porch or entry of dirt and debris. Get rid of leggy bushes, wilted flowers and broken tree limbs. Plant fresh flowers in the front garden or in containers at the entry.

Power-wash the exterior and hand-wash the windows. Touch up paint around the windows, if needed. Paint the front door a fresh, modern color. Replace the door hardwareand porch sconces.


The number one reason why people buy homes is to have more room. Whether they’re moving from an apartment or moving up from the home they have, they want to have plenty of space to do the things they enjoy.

If you have a large home, you’re golden, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got it made. You can ruin a buyer’s first impression with too much clutter, so make sure to keep your home picked up so your buyer can see your home’s features clearly and easily.

What if you don’t have a lot of space? Plan to do some storing and staging. Rent a storage unit and put away all out of season clothes, toys, and home decorations and accessories. Clean off all tables and countertops so you have only the minimum of things your need to operate your home. Empty closets of anything that is “stored” and move it to the storage unit. The small expense you’ll pay in storage fees you’ll more than make back from your buyer’s offer.


There’s a reason why first-time buyersand singles tend to buy older homes – they’re more affordable than buying new. So unless your buyer is a building contractor, chances are they want a home that’s as updated as possible.

You may not be interested in putting in a new kitchen in order to sell your home, but you can do a few things to make buyers happy. Replace the most dated features – countertops, cabinet pulls, or appliances.

Bathrooms are so personal that they can easily turn buyers off. Invest in new towels, bathmats and a shower curtain. Throw out slimey soaps and limp ragged bath sponges. Replace with liquid shower and bath products. You can take all the new stuff with you to the next home.

Painting is expected by buyers, but don’t repaint the same colors that you chose 10 years ago. Pick an updated neutral like a warm grey instead of beige. Be sure to choose a color that will complement the architecture and flooring in your home.

Keep in mind that homebuyers aren’t expecting your home to be a mansion, nor do they expect it to be new, but they do expect to see pride of ownership. The more tweaks, updates and repairs that you perform, the more confident your buyers will be that they’re choosing the right home.

LAKE HARTWELL ” not a Lake, it’s a Lifestyle”

Lake Hartwell, South Carolina


“It’s not just a Lake… it’s a Lifestyle”  



Lake Hartwell is, without a doubt, the most beautiful lake in the Southeastern United States. Each year, millions of people utilize the many public parks, marinas, and campgrounds conveniently located around the lake to pursue a variety of outdoor recreational experiences – making Hartwell one of the most visited Corps lakes in the nation.
Being fed by two rivers that come right out of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the water in Lake Hartwell is reported to be more pure than in many municipal water systems.


Standing on a boat dock you can look down through 10-12 feet of crystal clear water at small pebbles on the bottom of the lake.
Lake Hartwell covers a land area of 56,000 acres and has a shoreline of 962 miles. Unlike some of the smaller lakes nearer Atlanta, Lake Hartwell is neither crowded nor contaminated.
Having a depth of up to 202 feet, the 21 species of edible fish in Lake Hartwell have plenty of room to navigate – and yet they seem readily available to latch onto minnows, artificial lures and other fish bait.
With a width of approximately six miles at its widest point, the views at Lake Hartwell are both picturesque and panoramic.  And yet, there are innumerable deep protected coves – primarily South of I-85 – that provide peaceful tranquility as in days of old.

Out on the main body of the Lake at sunset, one is afforded a truly panoramic view of a glittering stream of red across several miles of sky blue water – as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.


Shortly thereafter, the lights on the dam come on – creating the illusion of a small but well lighted city in the background.  When the moon appears – in its various stages – on both sides of full – a glittering band of yellowish gold light reaches out endlessly towards your boat – progressively diminishing in length, as the moon gets higher.  On occasion, when there are scattered clouds below the moon – their reflection in the clear waters of Lake Hartwell give the appearance of a giant mirror.

It is only fitting that a Lake as beautiful as Lake Hartwell be located in the quiet serene atmosphere of a rural type setting – and yet be located only 1.5 hours from Atlanta – only 1.5 hours from Highlands, North Carolina – only 45 minutes from Athens, Georgia and the University of Georgia – only 25 minutes from Anderson, South Carolina – and only one hour from Greenville, South Carolina.

On the Georgia side of the lake – the main body of Lake Hartwell borders Hart County. On a clear day – from many parts of Hart County, you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Lake Hartwell is a terrific place for a summer home.  Some as far away as Miami, Florida maintain summer homes on the lake.  Most summer homes on the lake are well insulated and have fireplaces – primarily because their owners use them as vacation homes year-round. Considering the close proximity of Atlanta, Georgia; Athens, Georgia; and Greenville, South Carolina – Lake Hartwell property is considered to be an excellent investment, and why wouldn’t it be; let us assist you in finding your dream lake property today!

We have homes in virtually every price range, every style available, as well as lake front property if you care to design and build your own dream home.


As a native of Atlanta until 2005, my husband Keith and I were finding it more and more difficult to leave the serenity of our Lake House and head back to our Atlanta home. Working in fast paced, high stress corporate jobs, we decided to retire early and chase our dream of living full time on Lake Hartwell.

With sales and marketing backgrounds, we knew Real Estate would allow us to marry our business knowledge with our love of Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, and the upstate providing potential clients the best Real Estate experience in our market.  Licensed in the summer of 2006, our journey began.  Top Producers in our market since 2007, we are proud to say, our move to SC was the best decision we’ve made.  The relationship(s) we form with our clients does not end at the closing table.  We take pride is being a resource to meet the needs of clients before, during and after they purchase a property.  We are licensed in South Carolina and Georgia.

If you are looking for lake property we hope you will give us a call and let us earn your business.  Our hope is that you too will share in our love of the lakes in Upstate South Carolina and Georgia.

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